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  1. Telephone communication

it has been the medium used as the first contact with a company. It is used to arrange meetings , interviews or to ask for information, so the impression of the first telephone call is very important

  1. Telephone means and equipment

Fixed individual devices

Private branch exchanges (PBX):  it connects calls between two destinations or ends

Mobile devices:

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) it`s like a small computer (Internet and electronic mail)

Smartphone:  A PDA with video, camera, radio, MP3 player  or television

Services: Internet, e-mail, videoconference, camera, audio and  Video quality player, an agenda, GPS,....

3. Additional services offered by the telephone equipment

3.1 Common features(a,b,c,)

  1. Fixed telephony: -

Notice of charge(aviso cargo)  you receive info on the cost of a call

Call forwarding(desvio)it  diverts calls to any number chosen

Call hold (retencion)you hold one to take other

Call waiting(en espera) it notifies an incoming call

Call offer(ofrecimiento)incoming one call and allows the recipient to accept  or reject it.

Identification of the calling line , it identifies call numbers

Three-way calling (llamada a 3) 3 talking simultaneously

Call transfer (transferencia) connects two incoming calls

Notice initiation multiconferencecommunication with more than one person

Recall(rellamada) it makes a call to the last dialed number.

  1. PBXs:

-Identification of incoming calls - Call restrictions -Music on hold -Billing information - call transfer -call forwarding -Remote call capture and remote extensions-Voice mail-Email -Management of blacklists-Actions to be taken according to dates and times -Conference rooms -List of incoming and outgoing calls -Automatic detection of incoming faxes-Call centres have queuing of incoming calls and recording of calls -Videoconference

Mobile telephony: voice mails, call forwarding and call waiting, missed calls, address book, conference calling, emergency call, voice recognition,Bluetooth system, GPRS, SMS, MMS, video calling, download, Email, GPS navigation system, and internet services

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