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carlist wars: were series of wars thet took place in Sp during the 19 century . The contenders fought to establish their claim to the throne, although some political differences als oexisted. Indeed, several times during the period from 1833 to 1876 the Carlists
Asoci. Int. Obre: Based on the princi of revolutionary unionism , te intern aims to créate unions capable of fighting for eco and poli interests of the working class and eventually , to abolish capital and the state                                     carlistas: is a tratraditionalist and legitimist poli movem in Sp seeking the establishment of a separate line of the Bourbon dynasty of Sp throne      guerra de cuba: was fought U.S- Sp in 1896, the main issue was cuba indepe  Week trag: the trigger of these violent events was the decree of the Government of Maura to send troops of reserve to the Sp possesions in Morocco, at that moment very unstable, being most of these reservists parents of the clases workrs
Sexenio: scandals, lovers... Brought queen into discredit, in 1868 glorious revolú sent her into exile/  progressive, democrat, radical and republicands would rule the country / Serrano and parlia look for King- Amadeo of Savoy, Prim was killed and King resigned/ Republi was proclaimed, new constitu would try to organice Sp as a federal state, but republicans were divided and they no have time (11m , 4 presidents; war,...)/ Pavia make a coup and restore Bourbon
Alf XIII: disaster, 1º Eur country loosing empire, 2 new liders Maura and Canalejas/ tragic week/ a lot of strikes, Primo de Rivera make a coup/ dictactorship made public Works/ 1929 end monarchy

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