Puberty, Menopause, and Reproductive Tract in Males and Females

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Puberty begins with the first ejaculation (spermache) and the first menstruation (menarche).

-Menopause (50), andropause (50)

Reproductive Tract

  • Epididymis: Formed by the seminiferous tubes, where sperm mature.
  • Ductus referens: Continuation of the epididymis and ascends up to the abdomen. It is used to store sperm.
  • Urethra: Also part of the urinary tract connecting the bladder to the exterior.

Accessory Glands

  • Seminal vesicles: Flow into ductus deferens, secrete spermatic fluid.
  • Prostate: Secretes prostatic fluid which consists of substances to protect sperm from the acidity of the vagina.
  • Cowper's glands: A pair of glands that secrete a lubricating fluid that facilitates sexual intercourse.

Reproductive Tract

  • Fallopian tubes: Two small tubes located close to the ovaries, these tubes collect the ovum released, fertilization occurs.
  • Uterus: The fallopian tube end, gestation of a new human being takes place.
  • Vagina: An elastic tube that secretes lubricating substances to facilitate penetration. There is an incomplete membrane (hymen) that breaks during the first sexual intercourse.
  • Vulva: Skin folds (labia majora and minora), clitoris; a sensitive organ formed by erectile tissue.

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