Pros and Cons of a Career in Public Accountancy

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On a teenager's life, there is a moment in which we ask ourselves what are we going to study? What are we going to do? Is it the right choice? And if I fail or choose wrong? Always, everyone, at any time. Our existential crisis. My dream is that I want to become a public accountant, so I asked some of my teachers and one student at San Andres University to tell me this career's pros and cons. Here I have some of their main points.


  • Hernan Telechea, a public accountant and business administration student, mentioned that this career offers a larger amount of job opportunities. However, top companies tend to select students with excellent performance before they graduate from the university.
  • According to Adriana Barrera, my accounting teacher, there are other advantages such as competencies that allow you to work independently and in relation to both the private and public sectors.
  • If you don't want to practice the profession, you can use your knowledge to manage your own company. Additionally, this career is more procedure-based, making it somewhat easier.
  • To study this career, you have to go to Resistencia, and there are three ways to get there: through the Chaco Corrientes bus, in a friend's car, or by yourself.


  • Working in larger companies or higher positions is limited in this field, as you are restricted to working with business numbers and registrations. To qualify for other tasks, further study is required.
  • According to Ms. Adriana, some disadvantages include long working hours, mostly in the office, and some activities that can be very routine. Closures of exercise can be particularly stressful due to the constant change of legislation and economic measures.
  • Hernán Telechea also mentioned that there were many subjects he disliked or found irrelevant to his studies and expectations. However, he emphasized the importance of studying them regardless.

Finally, after conducting this research, I wonder if the life I have planned is the one I truly desire. I want to enjoy what I study and what I do, without any regrets. For now, I believe that Public Accountancy or Business Administration would be my second choice.

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