Promoting Tourism in India for Peace and Harmony

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Tourist friendly attitude is the surest way to promote tourism. Promoting tourism is like promoting the larger goal of peace and harmony around the world. Tourism is a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony and role of tourism in creating mutual understanding and Social harmony can be the leading one. If there is any destination in the world, which offers the widest choice to tourists, it is India. Nature tourism, culture tourism, exotic tourism, adventure tourism and spiritual tourism we have everything in India to cater to the diverse preferences of domestic and international tourists. Nothing makes a better and more lasting impression on a tourist than a courteous, friendly and helpful approach. A tourist who goes back with happy memories advertises the cause of tourism in that country far better than anything else we can think of.

Tourism's Economic and Social Significance

Tourism has often been misunderstood as an elitist activity without realizing its economic, social and civilization significance. Travel from one place to another for the purpose of pilgrimage, pleasure, experience, education and business is not the exclusive privilege of any class of society but a universal phenomenon. Tourism brings together people of different cultures and regions and fosters better mutual understanding. For doing this effectively and durably, it demands conditions of peace. It is, therefore, rightly said that tourism is the greatest peace movement in the world and place an important role in creating mutual understanding. So it’s very important to promote tourism in India for promoting the larger goal of peace and harmony around the world.

Promoting Cultural Understanding and Peace

Tourism involves cross-cultural interaction among people of different nations and hence helps in building better understanding and peaceful relations. Tourism strengthens dialogues between regions and neighboring countries through promoting cultural understanding, mutual respect and peace. Tourist understands and appreciates the culture, monuments, music, cuisine etc. which greatly influence. He goes back after purchasing antiques and other items which led to the beginning of trade relationship between them. That naturally develop mutual understanding and friendship among nations and hence there exists dialogue between two nations. Thus tourism promotes dialogue, peace and goodwill and has been a major contributor to international goodwill and enriches friendship between nations.

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