Project Management FAQ: Triple Constraint, Deliverables, Assumptions, and More

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1- What is the triple constraint? Time, Scope, Resources.
2- What is a project deliverable? Any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result
3- What is an internal department that oversees all organ... Project management office
4- Who is the person or group who provides the financial... Executive sponsor.
5- What are factors considered to be true, real or certain without... Project Assumptions
6- What are specific factors that can limit options including budget... Project Constraints
7- An error found during the analysis and design phase is relatively... True
8- What represents a key date by which a certain... Project Milestones
9- What is feasibility? The measurement of the tangible and intangible...
10- Which of the following are tangible benefits? Increased quantity or sales.

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