The Prisoner of Zenda: Summary, Characters, and Themes

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How does the book end?

Rudolf Rassendyll returned to England and he started to work for his brother's friend, Sir Jacob Borrodaile. Sometimes, he sees many pictures of the King and Flavia and she still wears his ring.

What rescue plan did Rudolf and his men invent?

While Rudolf was climbing a pipe with the help of a rope, Sapt and Fritz were watching the moat. Rudolf climbed to the window of the cell where the king, the doctor, and Antoinette de Mauban were. Antoinette and the doctor climbed down the pipe and Rudolf tied the king's body to the rope and lowered him slowly.

The dislike character in the novel

The dislike character in the novel is the Prince Michael. He tried to kill his brother to get the throne of Ruritania and to have Flavia who was engaged to his brother the King.

The hero of the book

I think the hero is Rudolf Rassendyll because he risks his life to save his cousin, the King of Strelsau. In addition, he has to lose the love of his life when he returns to England. Flavia doesn't belong to him.


The narrator of the story is Rudolf Rassendyll. He speaks from his perspective because he tells the story in the first person.

Why did Rudolf give the innkeeper's daughter money?

Because Rudolf wanted Johann, a friend of the innkeeper's daughter and a servant of Prince Michael, to be his spy in the castle.

What happened to Antoinette de Mauban?

She was a prisoner of Prince Michael. The Duke didn't love her but he wouldn't let any other man near her.

The Duke's men tried to kill Rudolf

If Rudolf died, the prince's guards would kill the real king and the duke would marry Princess Flavia and govern the kingdom of Ruritania.

Rudolf's family didn't hear from him

The Chief of the Police from Strelsau came to search for a missing Englishman.

The guard's boat appeared

Sapt and Fritz threw the guard into the water. Then, they hit him on the head with an oar and passed his unconscious body to Rudolf.

Rupert de Hentzau tried to kill Rudolf

Antoinette de Mauban took De Hentzau's revolver and shot him in the heart.

Princess Flavia had to do her duty for her country

Princess Flavia married King Rudolf V of Ruritania.

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