Prison and Underage Behavior: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Prison and Punishment

Today, people have different ideas about prison and the punishment. They have many questions about whether the treatment given to prisoners is fair or unfair.

Advantages of Prisons

The main function of prisons is to separate normal people, whose behavior is good, from those who commit crimes. Another advantage is that criminals have a chance to rejoin society and become valuable citizens.

Disadvantages of Prisons

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of privacy, as prisoners live in small rooms with others. I believe the punishment should involve work for society, as staying in prison surrounded by criminals may not be helpful in returning to society as an ordinary person.

Proposed Changes

Prisons should provide more space, job opportunities, and the chance to see family more often. Reinsertion would be easier if the government changed the program.

Underage Behavior

Currently, many people talk about underage behavior, especially when it involves drinking and drugs.

Disadvantages of Underage Drinking

Underage people often lie to their parents about their activities. This lack of knowledge about drinking can have serious health and safety consequences.

Advantages for Businesses

Pubs, bars, and discos profit from underage drinking, without concern for the damage caused in society. If they considered that their own children had access to these habits, they might not sell alcohol to young people.


Supermarkets, bars, and schools should take measures to prevent underage drinking and educate about the lethal consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.

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