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Chapter 1
Why does Larry want to move to Corfu?Because everyone is ill and unhappy and they need sunshine and more space. What does Margo have in her luggage?Margo has suitcases full of clothes and medicines for her spots.
Why does Larry’s mother think there is an epidemic in Corfu? Because she was very upset to see several funerals pass in front of the hotel. 
Why does Larry’s mother dislike the villas Mr Beeler shows her?Because none of them had a bathroom. 
Chapter 2
Why is it almost impossible to get in and out of Larry’s room?Because his books were all unpacked. 
What are the wonderful creatures Gerry finds in the garden?He finds spiders, bees, butterflies, ants and cicadas. 
Chapter 3
What does Gerry do every day after breakfast?Explore the island. 
Who is Achilles?The smallest tortoise that he buy. 
How do the Durrells realise that Quasimodo is a female?Because one morning he laid an egg on the sofa. 
Chapter 4
What does Mrs Durrell think Gerry needs?
Mrs Durrell thinks that Gerry needs some kind of education, specifically Mathematics and French. 
Give two examples of how George makes Gerry’s lessons more interesting.George makes Gerry’s lessons more interesting using biology to make mathematics or doing lessons outside. 
Chapter 5
What are the little tunnels under the doors?They are the home of a trapdoor spider. 
What does Theodore send Gerry?He sends to Gerry a small microscope. 
What does Gerry learn from his visits to Theodore? He learns more biology and botany. 
Chapter 6
Why does Larry want to move to a bigger villa?Because he has invited some friends to come and there’s no place for them, they need more space.  
Chapter 7
What is the new villa like?The new villa was an enormous mansion. It has yellow walls, green shutters on the windows and a red roof. 
Chapter 8
Why does Gerry decide to take the scorpions to his room?Because he finds a mother scorpion with babies and he wants watch them grows. 
Why does Gerry’s mother send him to the Belgian consul?Because he needs more discipline.
What does the consul do while Gerry is reading the dictionary?He took out an air-rifle and fires the gun. 
Chapter 9 What book does Gerry write for his English lessons?He writes a book about the travelling around the world with his family. 
What does Peter do while Gerry writes the book?He walks around the garden with Margo, discussing flowers.
Describe the present that Gerry receives from Leslie. It’s a boat painted greeen and white on the inside and black and orange on the outside. 
What is Gerry’s favourite birthday present?The two puppies that a peassant family gave him. 
Chapter 10
What is Larry’s opinion about shooting?He says that the shooting it’s very easy.  
What happens to Larry when he goes shooting with Leslie one day?It happens that when Larry see a bird flew up, he shoots it but he fells backwards into the water. 
What does Larry do when his room is on fireHe is smoking. 
Chapter 11
Who wants to come to stay with the Durrells?Aunt Hermione. 
Why do they move to a smaller villa?Because they don’t want to stay in the house with his aunt. 
Chapter 12
What insects does Gerry have the opportunity to observe in the new villa?He observes some green praying mantises and transparent lizards.
What does Gerry learn with his new tutor, Mr Kralefsky?He learns about birds and History, Geography and French.
What does Kralefsky’s mother tell Gerry about flowers?That the flowers can talk.
What do the magpies do to Larry’s bedroom?They throw papers all over the floor, they make a disaster. 
What does Gerry decide to do with the magpies after the incident in Larry’s room? He decides to build a cage for them. 
Chapter 13
Who does Gerry meet when walking with his dogs?He meets Kosti Panopoulos, prisoner. 
Where does the prisoner want to take Gerry the following day?He wants to take him to catch fish for Alecko.  
Why is Kosti Panopoulos in prison?Because he killed his wife. 
Chapter 14
What does Gerry do with the snakes when he sees that they are almost dead? He puts them in the bath with cold water. 
Why does Larry describe the villa as a dangerous house when talking to the guests?Because there are a lot of dangerous animals. He says: “This house is dangerous. Every corner is filled with dangerous creatures.”
What happens to some of the guests when they sit down to lunch?Alecko bites one of the guests. 
How do the guests get wet?Spiro throws water to them to stop the dogs fighting. 
Chapter 15
What does Mr Kralefsky suggest to finish Gerry’s education?He suggests a school in England or Switzerland to finish his education. 
Why does Spiro start to cry?Because he says that the Durells are like his family. 
What does the guard at the Swiss border think the Durrells are?He thinks they are a travelling circus .

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