Population of men, women and children in kudan local government

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What is confederation?  When did it occur? 

The confederation was when Canada was born. Happened on July 1, 1867. 

What makes up the province of Canada?” also know the 2 cultures of each Pg 23-24

Canada East

Followed French Culture + mostly spoke French 

Canada West

Followed British Culture + mostly spoke English 

Which  areas of British North America did Hudson's bay company in the mid-1800s Pg 5

Rupert’s Land, New Caledonia

What were the 2 main events of the “great migration” Pg 7

Potato famine & the underground railroad

Know a couple of points from each of the 6 beginning colonies of bna Pg 23-27

Canada East - Industry flourished in Montreal in the late 1840s

- Most of the work in the factories was d1 by women & children

- They were sometimes beat & got paid less than men

Canada West - Industrialization flourished in the 1870s

- Some factories made cotton into cloth 4 clothes, & curtains

- other factories made beds, ovens & household goods

- Canada west got off 2 a slower start than Canada East, but they 

   quickly caught up 

The Maritimes - Shipbuilding was important because of fishing & overseas trade

  - Shipyards eventually adapted into steam-powered shaping & 

      drilling methods

The West - Thinly populated & had little industrialization until late 1800s

    - 1st Nations & HBC ran the fur trade in the Prairies

    - HBC banned settlers from moving 2 the region

    - They didn’t want industry of agriculture 2 disrupt the fur trade

    - Industry began in the 1880s 

3 different features of BNA Pg 10-12



Responsible 4 domestic chores 

Sometimes did agricultural jobs





Girls learned 2 spin,knit, sew, & cook. 

Learned 2 take care of younger children, garden, & milk the cows

Young boys helped feeding livestock & gathering firewood

Older boys would clear fields, harvest crops, & build fences 

Social Characteristics

Society was not the same everywhere in BNA

2 things were common among all colonies:

- Distinct class divisions ( people spoke, acted & dressed based on class

- There was a lot of movement into & out of settled areas

Know the political system diagram Pg 17


Executive council - legislative council 

Legislative assembly

 (Canada east & west)

Voters (east & west)

What were the 2 main issues in the deadlock. Pg 18

Politicians from Canada west want 2 expand transportation facilities 2 increase trade & wealth, they were willing 2 spend government m1y 2 do so 

Politicians from Canada east did not want 2 change their existing way of life; they felt that btr links with Canada west would threaten their identity & resisted attempts 2 spend tax m1y on transportation improvements.

What were the only 2 colonies in the Maritimes before 1784 

Nova Scotia & P.E.I

Know the former names of British Columbia & victoria 

New Caledonia

In which year did Canada east & Canada west join together in 1 legislature Pg 45


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