Political Problems During the Restoration

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Opposition to Turnismo:

Three political parties that didn't accept the electoral system established by the Constitution of 1876

Republican Party:

Split into different divisions: Castelar, Pi i Margall, Ruiz Zorrilla, and Nicolas Salmerón
Republican state model

Carlist Party:

Declared another war against Alfonso XII
Territories in Maestrazgo and the north were taken by the army

Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE):

Was founded by Pablo Iglesias in 1879 and consolidated by the huge surge in the labour movement.


Spread after the General Union of Workers (UGT) was founded in 1888 in Madrid, the Basque Country, and Asturias
Established by the Federation of Workers Societies of the Spanish Region (FTRE)
Popular with Catalan and Andalusian industrial workers


Catalan Nationalism:

- Demanded official status for the Catalan language
- Establishment of Catalan political parties, courts, and Catalan autonomy
- In 1892, these proposals were declared in the bases of Manresa

Basque Nationalism:

Driven by Sabino Arana, was Catholic and conservative, and defended traditions
The PNV was founded in 1897

Galician Nationalism:

Response to economic and social problems

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