Plasma-Gas Phases: Understanding Ideal and Real Gases, Vaporization, and Boiling

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Plasma-Gas Phases

Sim: Not Having Definite Shape-Volume, Diff: Electrically Conductive, Produces Magnetic Field-Electric Current.

Ideal Gases

Molecules Regarded as Point Masses, Hence Volume of Molecules Neglected, Attraction Forces Between Molecules Ignored.

Real Gases

Molecules Occupy Space, Can't Be Neglected, Attraction Forces Between Molecules Can't Be Neglected (High Pressure-Low Temperature).


Ideal: Normal Pressure-Temperature, Deviate: Ideality at High Pressure-Low Temperature [Z = pV/nRT].


At Any Temperature-Pressure, On Surface of Liquids.


At Certain Pressure and Temperature, On All the Bulk and Liquids (Begins on Heat Surface, Bubbles Formed, Move in All Liquid Volume Until They Reach Surface Between Liquid-Surrounding).

Mixture of 3 Gases in a Container

Volume-Temperature Same, Pressure-Individual Number Not Same.

Graham's Law of Diffusion

Rate of Diffusion of Gas Inversely Proportional to Square Root of Mass of Its Particles, Its Mathematical Formula.


Made Up of Very Small Particles (Molecules-Atoms) in Constant Random Straight Line Motion, Same Mass Particles, Number of Molecules So Large Statistical Treatment Way, Molecules Gas Far Apart-Gas Mostly Empty Space, No Forces Between Molecules Except During Instant of Collisions, Individual Molecules Gain or Lose Energy as a Result of Collision-Total Energy Remains Constant.

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