Place of articulation of the initial sounds in word knee

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ALLOPHONE: Any possible variation in the production of a phoneme. These variations do not involve any change in the meaning of a wordAllophones are alwaysbased on soundsEg: /p/ in “property” and /p/ in “option”

PHONETICS: Science related to the study of the sounds of human speechThephysical properties of each one influence the variation of sounds they pronounce. Theunit of phonetics is thesound. The speech processes are:production, transmissions and reception.

  2 STANDARD PRONUNCIATIONS: There are two standard and widely accepted pronunciations:

BBC pronunciation (also called Received Pronunciation, RP in the past) United Kingdom. 

GeneralAmericanpronunciation(GenAm) NorthAmerica. 

2 TYPES OF TRANSCRIPTION: In general terms we can distinguish between Broad andNarrow transcription.

  PLACE ARTICULAT: alveolar, bilabial, dental, glottal, labiodental, palatal, velar, palato-alveolar (post-alveolar)

  MANNER ARTICULATION: affricates, approximants, fricatives, laterals, nasals, plosives.

     According voicing consonants can be: voiceless & voiced.

Minimal changes in a Word: minimal pairs.

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