Past perfect

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PRESENT SIMPLE                        They buy the houseThe house is bought

PRESENT CONTINUOUS         They are buying the house      The house is being bought

PAST SIMPLE                        They bought the house             The house was bought

PAST CONTINUOUS            They were buying the house      The house was being bought

PRESENT PEFECT SIMPLE   They have bought the house     The house has been bought

PAST PERFECT SIMPLE      They had bought the house      The house had been bought

FUTURE SIMPLE               They will buy the house             The house will be bought

FUTURE PERFECT SIMPLE   They will have bought the house      the house will have been bought 

BE GOING TO              They are going to buy the house           The house is going to be bought     

MODAL                  They can buy the house                          The house can be bought

SEMI – MODAL     They has to buy the house                       The house has to be bought

MODAL PERFECT   They should have bought the house       The house should have been bought

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