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Orden of adjectives: O(opinion), S(size), SH(shape), A(age), C(colour), O(origin).
-Will: Predictions, opinions, spontaneous, decisions.
-Be going to: plans for the future, intention of future, predictions with evidence.
-Present continuous: Arrangements(preparativos), dates(fechas).
-Future continuous: S+WILL+BE+GERUND. Finished action in the future.
-Future perfect: S+WILL+HAVE+PAST PART. Completed action in the future
Such...that / So...that:
Such + (a/an [singular]) + adjective + noun + that
It was such a cramped street that we couldn't walk.
So + adjective + that
The street was so cramped that we couldn't walk.

Conditional sentences:

First conditional: if + present simple, will + infinitiu
Second conditional: if + past simple, would + infinitiu
Third conditional: if + had + participi, would have + participi
As long as / Providing that = Only if
Unless = if not
Wishes and regrets
(Deseos y arrepentimientos)

Wishes for change in the present---> wish + past simple/past continuous.
Regrets about something in the past---> wish + past perfect simple
Complaints(quejas) about a thing or situation---> wish + would + verb.

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