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equatorial- between 10ºN 10ºS , temperatures around 25ºC with little variation. Hot all the year. Annual precipitation higher than 2000mm. Rainforest (dense green vegetation)

tropical-10º and 30º N, the same S, annual temperature 20ºc variation between 10, 3ºC. Precipitation 2000mm south east asia, less than 400mm near desserts. Tropical rainforest and savannah.

desert- shares latitudes with tropical climates.  annual 20ºc, bid differences between day and night. Unde 250mm, irregular. Vegetation only at oasis.


mediterranean. 30º and 40º. Hot summers , mild winters, annual temperature between 10ºc  and 18ºc. Between 900mm and 300mm a year irregular. Woodland (holm oak and cork trees) and scrub.

Oceanic or Atlantic- between 40º and 50º latitude.  from 10º and 15ºC. Annual precipitations 1000mm regular. Deciduous forest and moorland.

Continental- INland, North America, Europe and Asia. Average annual temperatures between 0 and 10ºc, long cold winters, short hot summers. Precipitation  750mm and 300mm, irregular. Taiga or conifer forests.


polar- near the poles. Below 0º , never higher than 10º. Less than 250mm annually (snow). Tundra

high mountain- temperature depends in altitud. Precipitation increases with altitude. Also vegetation varies according to altitude

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