Mystery of Queen Axtarte: Cairo Adventure

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Thursday the 4th of August

was the last working day for Inspector Salahadin El Nur in the heat of Cairo. Leila will take over his place when he is in London for three weeks. Salahadin’s job is to stop people who want to take ancient things along to another country.

Saturday at 15:00

he arrived at a small hotel in Gower Street, nearby a British museum. A friend of Salahadin works in that museum, and Salahadin was going to help his friend during his vacation. He was walking when it was still raining. He arrived at a bookshop and he bought a card for Leila and a book about Queen Axtarte. He went to a snackbar and after that he went to the cinema. Back in the hotel he went to sleep when it was late.

The following morning at breakfast

he was called by Peter, and he invited Salahadin for lunch. Before he left, he read a little from a book that he bought yesterday night. In the living room of Mr. Earl were Mr. Earl and Salahadin talking about that book and about the unknown author called Dr. Farrow. Earl showed a message in the newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ where Dr. Farrow was telling something about Queen Axtarte. He claimed that he knew where the tomb of Queen Axtarte is. He deciphered a pillar from the temple of Karnak. This pillar is in the British museum. They are scared of smugglers, just like the Amsterdam Ring. In the tomb lie treasures of millions of dollars.

Salahadin has sent two dispatches

, one to Inspector Ahmed Abbas, and one to Leila Osman. Salahadin is going to find out who Farrow is, because on his visa it says that he is a teacher and that he is in Cairo as a tourist. Salahadin informs at the Scottish Yard, and heard that Farrow was a prisoner for drug smuggling. Earl is going to find information at the friends of Farrow. Salahadin decides to go back to Cairo.

At the airport of Cairo

, Leila and Ahmed are waiting for him. They drive to the Ministry of Inland Country Cases immediately. En route, Salahadin sees that they are followed by a black Mercedes with a foreign serial number. They come to a big roundabout, meanwhile there was a tram coming. Salahadin asks the driver to cross the rails before the tram comes, and with success. But the following car smashed into the tram and the two men escaped. In the car that crashed, Salahadin found a Dutch book and Dutch cigarettes.

The following morning

, Salahadin makes an appointment with Dr. Gomouchian for more information about Queen Axtarte and Farrow. He told Salahadin that the queen poisoned all her helpers and everyone who would go inside the tomb is getting poisoned. There is a poison in the tomb or a germ. Meanwhile, Leila and Ahmed are at Hotel Mirabel finding out where Mr. and Mrs. Farrow stay, they found nothing, only ‘the book’ on the roof of the flat downstairs at the sleeping room window. Salahadin goes with a police aircraft searching for Farrow in Luxor. Meanwhile, Leila and Ahmed have to find out where the wife of Farrow has been kidnapped.

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