Motivations of Entrepreneurs: Beyond Money

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It is claimed that money is the only thing that motivates entrepreneurs

I can clearly say that entrepreneurs have different types of motivations. Some of them are related to the desire to earn money and others with the illusion of turning your dream into reality.

At present, the development of new companies has become very fashionable. With this, many entrepreneurs dream of becoming the next millionaire genius like Mark Zuckerberg. They also dream of traveling by private jet, partying in Las Vegas and having a Ferrari.

Although money is a great motivator and is very necessary to boost entrepreneurs, recent research concludes that people who only seek to earn money have a personality more prone to individualism, lack of willingness to work in teams and help colleagues or strangers.

I can say that, in effect, entrepreneurs motivated primarily by money are less likely to succeed. It is important to remember that behind large companies there are large teams.

The economic objective should not be the main motivator of the big businessmen, but, on the contrary, it can sometimes be counterproductive and hinder the creation of good work teams.

There are a number of additional motivations that you can find in most entrepreneurs: the excitement of competition, the search for adventures, the pleasure of creation, personal fulfillment and recognition, for example, are some of them.

For all entrepreneurs who take risks in projects with few economic success challenges, these incentives are what mobilize them.


It has been said 'whoever finds a friend, has a treasure'. Our life is enriched with joy and happiness by the people we share our time with. It can be a classmate or a family member, but after all, which one do you care most?

To start, youngsters often believe that it's impossible to have fun with family apart from friends. On one hand, you can chat and travel with your relatives and feel more at ease than when you are surrounded by friends. On the other hand, it may depend on how open-minded the family in discussion is.

Our life path isn't always smooth, thus we ought to ensure ourselves of some reliable figures to lean on in case of help. In fact, the more intimate the person is with you, the better it is. None can be purely and quickly available with you except your mother, for instance, who gave birth to you.

Personally, the key is balancing the various relationships we have depending on our priorities and giving our affection to people who truly deserve it, whether it is a friend or a parent.

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