My First Months at University: Choosing a Career and Future Aspirations

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The topic of this essay is my first months at the university. In this writing, I want to explain my points of view during these initial months and talk about why I chose this university career and the reasons behind it. Additionally, I would like to reflect on what I haven't done in recent years and how I appreciate it now. To conclude, I will explain what I hope to learn in the next four years and the future that I envision upon completing my course of study.

Choosing the Right Path

Now that I've been attending Tecnocampus for some time, I can confidently say that I am happy with my decision to pursue this university career. Before making this choice, I had doubts because I had an interest in physiotherapy but came from a background of studying mechanics of cars. This change seemed daunting, and I wasn't sure if I would adapt well. However, the main reasons I chose this course of study are the excellent job opportunities and salaries that physiotherapists enjoy.

The Importance of English

I now recall when my parents told me that I should have been studying English for years after completing the General Certificate of Secondary Education. They emphasized the importance of not losing my knowledge and improving my language skills, and now I see that they were right.

Future Aspirations

In the next few years, my goal is to learn as much as possible to become a skilled physiotherapist and gain experience to effectively perform the duties of this profession. Looking ahead, I aspire to work in the field of pediatrics, helping children facing various challenges.

Commitment to Success

In conclusion, I believe that I started my university career with enthusiasm. However, I have realized that I need to dedicate more hours to studying at home in order to succeed in my final exams.

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