Módulo 1: Conceptos básicos de informática

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Módulo 1

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  1. keep records
  2. make video calls
  3. access the Internet
  4. dispense money
  5. store information
  6. store ringtones


1f 2e 3d 4a 5c 6b


  1. The CPU is a chip which acts as the brain of a computer
  2. A hacker is a person who invades a network's privacy
  3. A modem is an electric device that enables a computer to communicate with another over telephone lines
  4. A software engineer is someone who writes computer programs
  5. The mobile phone is a device that people use for communicating with each other


1e 2b 3g 4d 5f 5a 7c


  1. Do you need any help?
  2. We're looking for a portable computer
  3. They are both very fast
  4. What's the storage capacity of the hard disk?
  5. It has a 15.4" LCD screen
  6. How much do they cost?
  7. You're obviously getting a faster computer, with more memory


  1. A system that recognizes speech
  2. A computer that is activated by voice
  3. The laptop that belongs to the teacher
  4. A program that is used to draw and paint


  1. Graphical User Interface, or GUI
  2. Computer simulation
  3. Data glove (or VR glove)
  4. Motion detectors

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