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1 Signal de Botrange (694 M)

The highest mountain in belgium.

It is near to the German border.

2 Weißer Stein (693 m)

The second talest mountain in Belgium.

It means “White Stone “ in German.

3 Baraque de Fraiture

It has a ski area with 3 ski Slopes for all people.

Temperate; mild winters, cool Summers; rainy, humid, cloudy

climate extremes: ten driest Places on earth (average annual precipitation) describes the annual average Precipitation measured in both millimeters and inches for selected countries With climate extremes.

Belgium became subject of Spain (1579), then to the Austrian Habsburgs (1713), to France (1795), and finally in 1815 to the kingdom Of Netherlands until 1867, Belgium's union with Netherlands crashes in 1830 With the Belgian revolution.

In the First World War it was attacked and conquered By the germans and liberated in 1918 with the Threat of Versailles.

And in the Second World War it was conquered another Time by the Germans in May in the year 1940 and liberated in 1945 

Catholic 57%

Christians 7%

Muslims 5%

Buddhism 31%

Despite of his size Belgium has a big and distinguished artistic Tradition that comes from Medieval ages to our modern times.

In the renaissance Antwerp Mannerism was a response of Belgium in the Italian Renaissance 

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