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Mitosis: from a stem cell we have 2 cel. daughters with the same DNA and chromosomes of the parent cell. phases: prophase (the nucleolus divides the trancripcion between different chromosomes, chromosomes begin to condense and become visible with their 2 chromatids, citoeskeleto microtubules reorganize and build bone mitotic, end the fibrous lamina disintegrates and starts to disappear the nuclear envelope. Metaphase: mebrana disappears nuclear and mitotic hus extending from one pole to another, when a microtubule is polar with the kinetochore, catch it, the microtubules kinetochores put nel chromosomes and the spindle equatorial plane, thus, each chromatid look toward the pole of the cell, chromosomes aligned e nel form the equatorial plane equatorial plate. Anaphase: chromosomes are broken and separated sister chromatids, anaphase Person groups chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell by the shortening of kinetochore microtubules, Anaphase b: e lhuso lengthens and separates the cell poles as k contibuye to the migration of the chromatids. Telophase: each group of chromatids, with the same genetic archive of documents reach an opposite pole of the cell.

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