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7) Describe the Ways in which database technologies could be used by an office stationery Supply company to achieve low-cost leadership.

Answer: Sales databases Could be used to make the supply chain more efficient and minimize warehousing And transportation costs. You can also use sales databases, as well as text Mining and sentiment analysis, to determine what supplies are in demand by Which customers and whether needs are different in different geographical Areas. Business intelligence databases could be used to predict future trends In office supply needs, to help anticipate demand, and to determine the most Efficient methods of transportation and delivery.

8) Describe the Ways in which database technologies could be used by a toy manufacturer to Achieve product differentiation.

Answer: Product databases Could be made available to customers for greater convenience and ordering Online. Databases could be used to track customer preferences and to help Anticipate customer desires. Sales databases could also help clients such as Toy stores anticipate when they would need to re-supply, providing an Additional service. Data mining, Web mining, and sentiment analysis of big data Could help anticipate trends in sales or other factors to help determine new Services and products to sell to clients.

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