Millennials Preferences and Travel: A New Era of Exploration

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According to Carter (2013) at a survey of Millennials preferences, they responded with the typical considerations that all other generations might prefer, as they like luxurious accommodations at discount prices, safety and security, and quality service from the staff. As expected, the preferences towards technological availability were there, with particular notation on connectability for their wireless devices and smartphones from virtually any location. This fact was exemplified with online check-in and –out from literally anywhere they are, including the airport baggage claim on their way to the hotel, as well as connectivity from the beach lounge chairs to peruse the hotel restaurant’s menu and booking their lunch reservations.To sum up, as we are part of the Millennial Generation, we believe that thanks to the new technologies, nowadays it has become easier to travel. Furthermore, our generation has broken with many rules, we like exploring different places, doing new things, experiencing living adventures... For us, traveling is a way to learn, meet people and cultures.


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