Migration africa to europe

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Change of dynasty:the rise of the bourbons:

 carlosII was the spanish king oh the hapsburg line. He had no children,so he designated the bourbon philip of anjou as his heir. There was a dispute that resulted in the   war of the spanish succession. The rivals for the throne were: -philip of anjou, he official heir,who was supported bay france and the crown of castilla -archduke charles of    austria, who was supported by austria, great britain and the crow of aragon. The war finally ended with the treaties of utrecht and rastatt. Philip became king of spain as f     elipeV the first monarch pf the bourbon dynasty.At the same time, the treaties gave some of spain’s territories to austria while great britain received gibraltar and menorca.

The triangular trade. In europe :goods from america and africa were traded for tools and arms.- In africa: goods from aurope and american were exchanged for african slaves.-in america:goods from europe and slaves from africa were exchanged for sugar, rum, cotton and tobacco.

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