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2 Core Elements of industrial activitie (I). Raw materials

2.1. Industrial raw materials

According To their origin they can be classified as plant animal or geological matter.

-Plant sourced Raw materias; They are obtained from agriculture and silviculture.

-Animal Sourced raw materials; They are provide by livestock farming also from the Fishing industrie.

-Geological Raw materials; they are extracted from the Earth´s crust, Minerals from which Metals can be obtained and non-metalic materials, minerals represent the Largest quantity and variety of industrial raw materials. Rocks suchs as Granite, which are used directly or for manufacturing construction materials. Energy products, such as coal, crude oil, natural gas and uranium from which Energy is obtained.

2.2.Production And trade in raw materials.

-Production; Concentrated in just a few countries known as the Carbs(Canada, Australia, Russia, Brasil and South Africa). 25-50% of the main natural resources. Also The USA and China. Middle Eastern countries produce crude oil, some poor Countries produces other raw materials such as coca in Ivory coast and cotton In the democratic Republic of the Congo.

-Consumption Concerned in western Europe, Japan, the USA and emerging countries such as China and India which import them in huge quantities for use in their Industrial sectors.

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