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q type virus specifically affects bacteria, stá trainer x: - viral genome: formed x one or more RNA or DNA Molec d - capsid: q protein coat surrounding the viral genome. Its function is to protect the nucleic ác. Sta head formed x, q contains the genome and tail, q t is adapted to inject the viral genome in CEL. Virus: Micro without proper metabolism and require d una q cél host for their life processes. They have no cellular organization as organelles have not only trained stan x the capsid and genetic material. The rest are d microorg metabolic processes necessary for survival within the same cell d but do not need enzymes cél d the host. When Stan was d q cells are not infected InterTAN (viruses if). Organism: The living world is characterized q x having a microscopic size, with great simplicity in its structure and organization. They are classified in prokaryotes (cél no nucleus) and eukaryotic (nucleated cél). ViroidParasites d plants are fragments d and single-stranded circular RNA. Q stan d in the nucleus where the parasitized cél interfere with cellular genes. Prion: protein particles without any nucleic ác d d causing lethal diseases in mammals, called spongiform encephalopathies pk produce cavities in the brain. Its origin can be inherited or contracted by infection. Lytic cycle: viral multiplication whereby d quickly, given the new d training virions released into the environment by lysis and death cél d the host. Phases: ? Fixing:the virus comes into contact with the membrane d the q cél infect you. ? Penetration: The virus perforates the cell wall and inserts its genetic material inside. ? Eclipse: The viral genome, using the machinery of the CEL, produces large amounts d mRNA to synthesize proteins. The viral genome is multiplied. ? Maturation: d is given assembly of virion components to form the nucleocapsid. ? Liberation: The bacterial infection cél break or lyse and release virions.

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