The main stages of cold war.

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The communist bloc
this block included countries from central and western europe. As of 1949, it was reinformed by the victory of the communists revolutions in china 1949 and cuba 1959 its influence was extended to asia 7vietnam north korea and africa7
the soviet union and peoples democracies 
the su became a military place after ww2 after the death of stalin in 1953, nikita iniciated astalinisation process but his successor staled.
people democracies were implemented in centraland eastern europe controlled by the su, wich imposed soviet institutions.

capitalist bloc 
spread of liberal democracy
during the 1980 the military dictatorships in europe disspeared
portugal 1974 carnation revolution
grece 1974
spain death of general Franco 1975
1973 economic depression in the western bloc. It was an energy crisis because of the rise in oil prices and industrial crisis
inflation reduction in the demand unemployment and socialunrest
measures: neoliberal policies two tipes- Reagan usa- hatcher uk

cold war
between 1945 and 1991

1947-1956: the rupture  between the 2 blocs started in 1947. Us president harry truman proclaimed the so called doctrine of contaiment

in response the su proposed the zhdanov doctrine wich denounced us imoerialism in western europe

peaceful coexistence 1956-1976
desire in dialogue the two blocs
favoured by the increase of nuclear powe in the su

surgence cold war
19771985 moretense 

su military supremacy 
the end 1985 1991new internaational order began us superpower

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