The main stages of cold war.

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The nazi party gain the support and they gain the power. 

Who? Protagonist?

(Countries, presidents, politicians…)

The Weimar Republic, German politicians: Hindenburg and Hitler. 

Why? (Causes)

One of the main causes of the Rise of Nazism in Germany was because Germany was in a disarray after the First World War  and people agreed with the extremist groups. They did that because they want an immediate change. 

Hitler obtained political power through elections, being electeddemocratically, although lateron he startedto concentrate allthe power in his person and developa dictatorshipwhosemainobjective wasto have more and more territories and power.

Is it connected with our days?


Yes, nowadays there are some gorups that agree with the nazist thoughts / ideas / claims  and they do so many movements to implement the nazist thoughts. 

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