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Ballad Basics

·Ballads are newspaper like compositions written to remember Important people, events or places.


·abcb rhyme scheme

·8,6,8,6 syllabic count

·4 line stanza


·Narrative storyline


·Traditional (Oral)

·Literary (Written)


·Love lost due to moving

·Moving/ settling

·Working (train, railroad, etc)

·War and battle

Enablers (Positive reasons for them being oral)

·Events written about are well known

·Follows a typical story narrative

·Typical melodic sounds are used

·Made of short simple lines

·It is entertaining which is motivational

Limits (Negative reasons that led them to be oral)

·Low or no time to formally compose

·Low or no access to paper and pen

·Low or no level of literacy

What happens When ballads travel

·Name of the person or the sex changes

·Names of the places change

·Specifics of the story outline change

·Specifics of events change

·Language, phrases, pronunciation change

·Use same storyline

·Use same melody

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