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1ºthe participants in the meeting below are discussing ideas for improving phone skills sabina dusek doesn,t with others .Complete the dialogue with phrases from the list. Albert if a customer has a complaint, i think staff should... Sabina i,m sorry but i dont agree at all... Jannek oh,i dont think .... Albert i agree with ....  Janek what do you think ... Tomas well,personally i feel... Albert i think you,re right .. Sabina no i,m afraid i dont.... 2ºread the text and choose the correct answer from the words in italics . 1 our company..Meet 2 it is importan..Keep 3keep 4 on time 4deal 5 back 6encourage 7conducted 8 satisfied 9personalized 10 provide 3º Correct te mistakes ya esta corregido 1 this is the best restaurant in town 2 the job was not as easy as we expected 3marci,s the most hard working employee in this company 4 our sales figures are the lowestthey,ve been for twnety years 5 our rival bjt has the biggest market share 6 market conditions are more difficult than last year 7the least profitable of our three division 8we need to think of ways of making our staff happier 9can you be carefull in future 10 the new building is better thna the old 4º aseel and emre are discussing the instala..... Asel (ask emre,s opinion) what do you think about that Emre (give a opinion) i think ...Aseel(disagree strongly) i dont agre with you Emre (agree) i agrere tih you Aseel (agree strongly) i think you are right

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