Learn About Alicia: A Young Woman from Robledillo de la Vera

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1. Do You Play Football Well?

Are you a good football player?

2. Do Watersports Interest You?

Are you interested in watersports?

3. Which is Your Favourite School Subject?

Which school subject do you like best?

4. How is Your Surname Spelt?

How do you spell your surname?

5. Your Bedroom is Tidier Than Mine

My bedroom isn't as tidy as yours.

6. Gerry Doesn't Do the Washing-Up as Fast as Paul

Paul does the washing-up faster than Gerry.

7. The New Armchair Isn't Nearly as Comfortable as the Old One

The old armchair is much more comfortable than the new one.

8. Every Evening, Sally Does a Lot More Homework Than Rachel

Every evening, Rachel does a lot less homework than Sally.

9. This Music Isn't Nearly as Bad as the Music They Play on Radio 2

The music they play on Radio 2 is far worse than this music.

10. That Teacher is Very Patient with Her Students

That is the teacher who is very patient with her students.

11. Shaun is Too Weak to Open the Classroom Door

Shaun isn't strong enough to open the classroom door.

12. In Our Class, Only a Few Students Have Curly Hair

In our class, not many students have curly hair.

13. My Brother Prefers Funny Films to Serious Ones

My brother likes funny films better than serious ones.

14. My Favourite Film Star is Tom Cruise, Said My Grandmother

Tom Cruise is the film star I like the best, said my grandmother.

15. Each Lesson Lasts Two Hours

Each lesson is two hours long.

16. What's the Price of This CD, Please?

How much does this CD cost, please?

17. I Think a Dictionary is Very Useful

A dictionary is very useful, in my opinion.

18. I Think You Are Right About the Textbook

I agree with you about the textbook.

19. Let's Talk About the Videotape First

How about talking about the videotape first?

20. Learn to Ski Before You Go on a Winter Holiday in the Mountains

Don't go on a winter holiday in the mountains until you have learnt to ski.

21. When We Arrived at the Hotel, We Immediately Went for a Swim

We went for a swim as soon as we arrived at the hotel.

22. We'll Go Sightseeing After Lunch

We'll go sightseeing when we've had lunch.

23. During My Holiday in Paris, I Spoke a Lot of French

I spoke a lot of French while I was on holiday in Paris.

24. Don't Book Your Holiday Until You've Seen My Photos of Africa

You must see my photos of Africa before you book your holiday.

Writing My Friend:

She’s 31 years old and she is from Robledillo de la Vera, a little beautiful town in North Cáceres, but she lives in Don Benito because she works in a fruit factory there.Alicia is quite tall and thin, with long dark hair, black eyes and a big nose. She usually wears jeans and boots and she hardly ever wears a skirt or a dress. She is quite pretty but she can’t find a boyfriend.She loves going out with her friends and talking to all people. She likes going shopping and trying on clothes but she can never find things she likes: I always argue with her because she spends a lot of time and I hate it!! Alicia hates watching football on TV because she always gets angry with the players.I know her family and they can play the guitar very well, but she can’t do it, nevertheless she can dance quite well.I like her because she is a bit crazy and she can understand me very well. She often helps me with my English too (she can speak English very well).

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