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It is a city where the director of "Parenting and Conditioning" talks about the functioning of his world. They fertilize human female eggs, and babies grow in bottles. There are five kinds of people. Alphas are the upper class. The Epsilón are the lowest class.

There is Bernard Marx who is of the alpha class. He is in love with a girl, Lenina Crown. She works in the embryo area and is dating a scientist. Lenina likes Bernard but doesn't love him. Bernard is a bit weird. Its rarity is because it is different from the other alphas.
Bernard takes Lenina to a wild reservation in North America. The director tells them about his trip to the reservation. He tells them that he took a girl who disappeared when they were there. Then the director gets mad at Bernard for being a nonconformist (he doesn't do everything the others do.) Bernard and Lenina go to the reservation. They know John who is the director's son. Bernard realizes that the woman the director took to the reservation got pregnant. Getting pregnant is against the law in Utopia so the director doesn't talk about it.

Everyone thinks Lenina has relationships with John. But it is not true. Although John fell in love with Lenina and doesn't want to have sex so soon.

then John discovers that his mother is sick. He goes to the hospital and gets sad. The important types of Utopia dislike to show their emotions because they teach everyone to be happy and that death is a happy event. John, Bernard and Bernard's friend, Helmholtz, are arrested. The controller explains the truth about Utopia. Bernard is exiled in Iceland (between the United States and England), Helmholtz is sent to the Falkland Islands (in South America), and John is left in England. They condemn him to live a life of solitude. The people of Utopia want to kill him. Lenina joins them and John commits suicide.

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Law 19983 on