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Spontaneous generation: hypothesis proposed that life could come from Non-living matter (Aristotle). Jean Baptiste van Helmont: recipe for mice, Francisco Redi ́s: formation of maggots, Pasteur: “Law of biogenesis”.Chemical evolution: refers to the processes that created the molecules That make up living things, and then formed structures called protocells which were Separated from the environment by membranes. Oparin and Haldane: Biomolecules Were formed by reactions between the components of the primitive atmosphere, biomolecules Formed more complex ones, and finally protocells were formed. Miller- Urey Experiment: to create organic molecules by making a lighting storm and boiling Water. Panspermy: Theory that says that life could have an extraterrestrial origin. Biological evolution: the processes that led protocells to become Different type of cells, and resulted in all the different organisms ever to Have inhabited the Earth. Endosymbiotic theory: (Lynn Margulis) A prokaryotic cell joined with an Smaller prokaryotic cell and that one doesn’t die so it was the star of the eukaryotic Cells. Fixist theories: species were created by God, have remained unchanged Throughout the history of Earth and George Cuvier, Linnaeus. Theory of catastrophism: Earth had experienced many catastrophes in its History and these had led to the disappearance of many species, Cuvier. Evolutionary theories: Actualism: The changes in nature take placeslowly, Gradually and continually and are not caused by catastrophes (gradualism). Evolutionism: Species undergo a process of transfomation which results in the appearance of new Species. Lamarck ́s theory: life forms appeared by spontaneous generation and Then they have evolved, Function creates the organ,  traits are inherited by the descendents. Genetic engineering is a set of techniques that allow us to modify the DNA Of an organism in order to change the information it contains. Genetic modified Organisms (any organism that has had its genome altered using genetic Engineering techniques). Recombinant DNA Technology: The aim is provide an organism with a new trait or eliminate a Toxic substance.

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