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1.Who propossed the theory of One-dimensional consolidation? Karl Terzaghi

2.What types of permeameters exist in Lab tests? Constant head permeameter and Failing head permeameter

3.What is the name of the equation that Governs the 2D underground flow? Laplace’s Equation.

4.Name of the method of draw flow nets That uses iterative calculations. Finite Differences

5.What are the units of the compression Index Cc? Adimensional, NOT UNITS

6.Describe boiling in soils. Boiling of soils occurs when there is an Upward flow and the seepage force is greater that the submerged weight of the Soil.

7.What are the assumptions in laplace’s Equation. Darcy’s law applies, Water and Solids are uncompressible

8.When in it better to use failing head permeameter? When you need to work with Variable data with fine soils.

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