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Right now, only people over eighteen are allowed to Vote. People think that only people over eighteen are mature enough and Actually take political issues seriously. The truth is, they should be able to Vote. At the age of sixteen, it is only 2 years away from eighteen, and that's Not a very big of a difference. Teens also know what is right and wrong, do not Have to wait until eighteen.

That cannot say that after eighteen they can actually Be mature and think properly. There are also some people that are way over Eighteen, but still are not mature and might not be as mature as an Eighteen-year-old. So why make the law eighteen because sixteen year olds Aren't mature enough to vote? Teens have the same opinions and needs as those Who are eighteen.

To sum up, they will share the same experience and Have the same basic knowledge on life. Also, since eighteen year olds are about To leave high school, or already are out of high school, it would be useful to Have opinions from the citizens that are in high school that have different Needs than the people who are out of high school.

town or countryside;  i've had lived in both places and ther are some advantages and disadvantages. | In the countryside, you can have a peaceful live whithout many worries. You can also do some activities, as growing up your own crops or have farm animals to raise, so you can cook your personal and natural meals. However, the principal disadvantage is that there's not many people around to meet and talk to.| In town, life's much better because you have so many things to do and places to go. One oof the things i like the must is the many possibilities of meeting new people and hang out with them there are lots of people to interact with. | To sum up, i'd like to conclude saying that i'll always prefer town over the countryside because it has almos everything i need.

i had the best summer of my lifer 5 years ago, in 2012. It is was the best one ever because i spent a moth in cuba with some friends and we really had a great time together. | First of all, we learned a lot about cuban people and their culture. We ate their typical food and i tried the best fruit i had ever eateng, it is called "mamoncillo". One day we had a strange story: we were walking relaxed through the streets and then two cops came and tried to take advantage of us asking for money, because we wer tourists but, as the were young  we could manage the situation and be friended them. Later on, the gave us their phone numbers and we went clubbing that night. | To sum up, we enjoyed our time in that beatiful place where we also gained lots of confidence in our friendship thanks to the experiences we had as a group.

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Law 19983 on