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MARXISM: a revolution to destroy capitalism and give power to the workers to estabilish a proletarian dictatorship with the goal of becoming a comunist society.

ANARCHISM: this ideology have the same goals of marxism but in a more radical way. It oppossed any form of authority including the state which should be replaced by voluntary associations of people.

UPPER: arisocracy and high bourgeoisie. This group lost predominance and the bourgeoisie became the most powerful group in society.

MIDDLE: low bourgeoisie, doctors, teachers. They were a diverse class.                                                                                                            LOWER: factory workers, not benefits. Peasants lived under very hard conditions. Factory workers or proletariat received very low salaries, worked many hours under very hard conditions and had no rigths.

Adam Smith: founder of a new economic doctrine called liberalism. Acording to the doctrine economic activity should be free and the state should not intervene in the economy. Prices and salaries are regulated by the law of supply and demand.                                                                                Karl Marx: a philosopher acording to comunism capitalism should be destroyed because creates inequalities and a new society called comunism should replaced. In this new society everybody is equal.


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