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Ethics in the lives of ordinary business professionals. I have placed two different practical illustrations of ethical dilemmas or potential ethical problems in the lives of ordinary business professionals. What are the ethical problems with these business opportunities? What would you do, in each case? See the Owlnet handout page, under the heading of “ethical awareness, ethical reasoning and Common Sense.”

The Case of the William Brown (1841). The major facts of the William Brown incident, which occurred in 1841, were given in two different Web presentations. Both of these presentations are posted on the Owlnet handout page, under the heading of “Case of the William Brown.” Professor Andreas Teuber of Brandeis University Law School published a brief summary of the case United States v. Holmes, U. S. Circuit Court, 1842. A book review of The Wreck of the William Brown, by Tom Koch, McGraw Hill-Marine, 2004. Read each of these presentations -- before our class on Wednesday. I will break the class into four different groups and each group will try to come up with an ethical resolution to this dilemma, and then present their solution to the class and also answer questions from the students in the other groups. I want to ensure that you brief yourself in advance on the situation and the facts. You have a five key reasonings / four discussion question assignment on this case, which is due at the start of class.

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Law 19983 on