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Diphthongs: is a combination of two vocalic elements. There`s a glide from one vocalic element to another. The first sound in each Terms in stronger the second one. They are all voiced, are stressed in the very Beginning and all have falling intonation. They are grouping for their ending. The similarities between a long vowel and a diphthong is that they have the Same length, affected by a pre fortis clip.

CENTRING are called like this because glides towards to Central elements.

/i shaw/ The glides begins in the position for /i/ Moving down and back towards /shaw/ lips neutral BEER BEARD FEAR HERE

/u shaw/ The glides begins with the position for /u/ Moving forwards and towards /shaw/ lips loosely rounded SURE MOOR TOUR OBSCURE                 

 /e Shaw/ The glides begins in the position for /e/ and moving back towards /shaw/WHERE WEAR CHAIR DARE lips neutrally open

And CLOSING are called like this because glides towards Closed elements. 

 /ei/ the glides begins in the position For /e/ moving up and slightly back towards /i/ lisp spread CAKE WAY WEIGHT SAY PAIN THEY

/oi/ the glides begins in the position for /o/ and Moving up and forward towards /i/ lips start open and rounded and change to Neutral TOY AVOID VOICE ENJOY BOY

/ai/ the glides begins in the open position, between Front and centre moving up and slightly forward towards /i/ Lips move from Neutral to loosely spread HIGH TIE BUY KITE MIGHT TRY EYE

/shaw u/ The glides begins in a position for /a/ moving Up and back towards /u/ lips are neutral and change to loosely rounded. GO SNOW TOAST HOME HELLO ALTHOUGH

/au/ the glide begins in a position quite similar to /a:/ moving up towards /u/ lips start neutral with a movement to loosely Rounded.

Diphthongs + /shaw/ whenever you have a diphthong plus /shaw/ we omit the second element. This is called SMOOTHING and this occurs When the organs of speech try to smooth the articulated movement.

PRE FORTIS CLIP, UNVOICED SOUND (-) if the following sound after /a:/ is Unvoiced the length is shorter. DART /da.T/ con un solo punto

If the Following sound after /a:/ is voiced the length is longer FARM /fa:m/

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