Language Lessons and Communication Skills

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1. Class Discussions and Grammar Exercises
2. Graduating from University or Course
3. Someone's Property: House or Farm
4. Taking Medicine or Having Treatments for Diseases
5. Shop Notice: Opening Hours or Sales
6. Decline in Food Prices or Unemployment
7. Signs in Supermarkets or Hospitals

1. Valuable Possessions
2. Inclusive Travel Packages
3. Apologizing to Someone
4. Talking Someone Out of Leaving
5. Convincing Someone to Change Their Mind
6. The Importance of Body Language
7. Filing a Complaint with a Company

1. Don't Blame Me for Forgetting
2. Notice about the Next Event
3. Sandra: A Sensitive Girl
4. Winning the Championship
5. Ian's Reaction to Bad News
6. Children's Pronunciation Challenges
7. Karen's Hurt by Boyfriend's Indifference
8. Correcting Punctuation in Writing

1. Countless Sites with Information
2. Daniel's Fluency in French
3. Using Photos to Convey Messages
4. Not Blaming Them for the Damage
5. Reporting a Mysterious Incident to the Police
6. Lack of Truthfulness in the Newspaper
7. Worthwhile Reading Material

1. Chinese Language: Therefore
2. Romance Languages: Since
3. Students' Desire to Learn: So
4. Love of Languages: Due to
5. Norman Conquest: As a Result

1. Sharing Feelings: Heart-to-Heart Talk
2. Talking Behind Someone's Back: Gossiping
3. Disagreeing with Someone: Quarreling
4. Whispering for Privacy
5. Apologizing for Mistakes
6. Expressing Your Opinion: Making a Speech
7. Speaking Clearly and Loudly

1. Award for Dedication to the Clinic
2. Encounter with a Mysterious Stranger
3. Fighting for Equality
4. Losing a Valuable Ring
5. Agreement with a Statement
6. Majestic Elephant
7. Honesty and Truthfulness
8. Leadership of the Prime Minister

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