Lady of the Dawn

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The book is divided into four acts and all develop at the same venue, a town house in Asturias, but at different times, as in the first two acts is winter and the last two is summer.


Grandfather: An old worried about his family, which gradually has shown no fear of death.

Telva: The wise old servant who tries to help his wife, likes to feel one of a family sitting by the fire to weave with his mistress.

Mother: A woman from the day he lost his daughter Angelica is lost in his bitter memories, not let anyone near her daughter's things.

Falin. Dorina and Andy: Three kids who like to play, can not go to school or go running to the garden as the other children because his mother feared losing as Angelica.

Quico: Another servant of the house, is responsible, mainly, to saddle the horses and take care of the stables.

Martin: He was married to Angelica, lasted only three days and now prefers not to remember. Throughout the story gets to fall in love with another girl, who truly replaces Angelica in the hearts of all.

Pilgrim (La Dama del Alba) is death, that is destined to be with him who sent him. Her blond hair and cold hands and her white skin is what he characterized. He does not like what it is, prefers to be a normal girl to laugh, mourn, and above all love.

Adela: Angelica's the one who replaces him like children appeared from nowhere and filled with joy the house, falls in love with Martin but has trouble knowing him and hurts him to betray the family.


The Lady of the Dawn was written by Alejandro Casona, known Spanish playwright of the early century. Born in Asturias, in the village of Besullo, and lived in Spain until after the civil war, had to move because it was against the regime of General Franco, choosing the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) to live.


In a large country house lived a happy and united family, but this happiness did not last long, one day discovered the tissue of Angelica, the beloved daughter of four siblings, since that tragic day her mother was never the same as before I was afraid of losing what little was left now. Everyone tried to make entry into reason, explain that Angelic not return but because things were not worse. A day died at his home a woman of beautiful appearance, the children stopped and stopped playing with it, saying it was a pilgrim entering the house for shelter, but the grandfather did not take long to realize that their intentions going in this direction, as it was death and someone came to take them. When the pilgrim was in the house was Martin, the husband of Angelica, a young girl in his arms his name was Adela, the mother initially wanted no part of it but then declined as the other inhabitants of the house . Martin, the mother and Adela liked them all and loved as a daughter, sister and even as a woman. If you can say I was replacing Angelica.

To the festivities of San Juan became the pilgrim and grandfather who came to take it meant to her, and with kind words pleaded not take with her, not because he hoisted case actually came to be was someone else.

Martin's love Adela ever going to rise, this will work up the courage and confessed she would not listen because I could not betray so Angelica, he finally decided to tell the truth and this was, Angelica is not really but dead on the third day of his marriage to Martin eloped with another man, he was so embarrassed he did not want to tell the truth and put his handkerchief in water to make it appear that he had died.

Adela could not believe it but in the end relied on Martin. Shortly after while Adela and other family members were at the stake the Pilgrim discovered the meaning of why they had sent there, he went to the river and saw there appear to Angelica, who had returned because his love had left him, Lady of Alba persuaded her to not come back and told him what had happened and how things were there, this mad he took his life.

After Martin found the body of Angelica and said it was very strange because her young face as if he just died.

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