La Revolución Francesa y sus etapas

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the economy in frane was poor and needed bonds from other countries, that Had to be payed back. In 18 cent 95% catholic, others protestants, jews , Muslims. 1789 state canceled taking power of church and took to a Dechristianization. In the estates general te 3 estates voted. Most time Nobility and clergy alied against 3estate. Later on  estates general 1789-1790 is renamed national assembly 1790-1791, then this is over and starts The legislative assembly 1791-1792 and then the national convention 1792-95 and Then it was declared de provisional suspension of the king. mob in versailler in october 5 1789 a womans march, 7000 woman armed with Pitch forks, demanded bread, rights so they managed to get into the royal Palace and force the king to distribute bread from the palace. The next day Louis and marie antoinette bacame prisioners until their executions marie 16 Oct 1793 louis 1793. clubs were also important in the french rev two main ones: jacobins Influenced by rodespierre, president of the club since 1790 they were traditional. created a calendar to replace gregorian.   girondins from 1791-1795 within Legislative assembly and national convention. Influenced by brissot.   when the monarchy was over, The constitution wasnot long, so the firts republic started.In 1795 wars Started from inside and outside and created a problem. In this period there Were a lot of emigrees´´ levee en masee´´

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