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All happen when The doctor goes to the beach to visit some relatives when he was young. Then was when he met Rafael. Rafael was a mad man who lived in a house-boat near the beach.
When The doctor grows, he decide to go back, and is then when he know rafaels story.
Rafael was in love with Anita, but then a soldier from another country, who had borned on a rich family, starts to be interesting for her, and she ends leaving Rafael alone. Rafael, who was now really sad, tries to get back anitas love killing the soldier, but a fail on his plains makes Anita and the soldier die together. Rafael ends mad, without his lovely girl and without nothing else to do on the world.

* Rafael is a dirty sad man, who lives under a boat in the beach. He is very thin and tall, and has got a whiskers and eyes strange.
Mad- loco    ring- anillo     barba - whiskers

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