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GM:1)1.Construction 2.Expensive 3.Delightful 4.Sensible 5.Appearance 6.Lost 2)1.See eye yo eye 2.The sky's the limit 3.Brought up 4.Broke down 5.Start out 6.Set...Of 7.Common sense 8.Goes in one ear and out the other 9.Bringing...Down 10.A breath of fresh air 3)1.Raised 2.Approached 3.Turned out 4.Flee4)1.I shouldn't have eaten so much pizza 2.The doctor advised me to eat more vegetbles 3.Mark asked me whether i felt like going out 4.How long have you been thinking about studying medicine? 5.Mona stopped playing the guitar more than a year ago. 6.We had been watching the film for about half an hour when the DVD player broke down. 7.I've been having problems with my computer, which is quite old 8.Lindsay told me about the shop where she usually buys her clothes.5)1.Daniel Day-Lewis is thought by many people to be the finest actor in films today./it is thought by many people that daniel day-lewis is the finest actor in films today. 2.James is a clever man with whom it is dificult to win an argument. 3.Jill suggested going to that new French restaurant.

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