Key Events in American History

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Why was - The Nation

Based on- The Pacific
Representatives - Disarmament
It was- Citizenship
Workers who- Blacklist
The big four- Italy
In response- Raise the
In 1942- The Wannsee
How did- The plan allowed
Study the graph- Gas mask
The international- Punish German
The failure- People's Party
The Korean- American
The Soviet- Allow
Progressives-The filth
The official- Screen
To what- Union together
How did M- Truman 1948
Which of the- The Black
According to- Federal
During R- Fifteen
With his- Appomattox
President Roosevelt- Was vital
According to - La Raza -Latino
Which amendment- Twenty-first
Who founded- Marcus
Which of- The Triangle
An unintended- Farmers overseas
Supporters of- Protect property
Based on- College
Under President- 10%
Who formed- Alice
How was- Electrification
In late- Middle class
Reagan- Development of weapon
Based on- Saudi Arabia
To receive- Accept
Roosevelt- Get around
Which supreme- Miliken v Bradley
To help- Sold Liberty
Although Congress- Raise
During the 1920s- Universal Negro
After the - Sitting Bull
During his- The banking
In the long run- A pledge
During the 1990s- Cost the United
In 1886- Colored farmers
The cartoon- The corruption
During the pre- Industrialist
After the Spanish- Granted Puerto
Some populist- A graduated
United Nations- China
During the 1870s- System of Public
What two- Aerial
Which of- Tittle IX
What was major- A strong
How did Marcus- Garvey Separation
Soon After- Fifteen Amendment
According to- Attack on the USS
Some people- Contradicted
Based on- It grants
Which of- Vertical Integration
In June- The Soviet Union
During R- Diseases that
Which of- Angel Island
The Mccarran- Allowed the arrest
According to- Calling out troops
The United States- The Spanish A
According to- German Submarine
In 1950- McCarran Act
The United States- Them expel
Under the- Prevent wars
What were - Nursing and clerical
It made- Their operating
In 1898- Jingoism
The Republican- They would be
According to - South Carolina
What was- It created
The social gospel- Biblical
Selling- The committee
Formed as- Organization
In 1896- Separate but equal
The Warren- Due process
Which of the F- The United States
As the progressive- Promote
By the early- Industrial Nation
According to- The Pacific
The sit- Greensboro.
Which of the- Medicare
Which of the- Germany admit
Which of the- High income
Approximately- about 2
According to- Cause women
The freedmen- Set up special
In order- Poland
In the commission- Elected officials
What was- a private
The war- Gulf of
Hamdan V Rusefel- Military
In world war- Observe enemy

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