Key Events in 19th Century Spain: Absolutism, Liberalism, and Democracy

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Different stages of Spain in the XIX

C) absolutism, liberalism, and democracy

Fernando VII accepted the Cortes de Cadiz


Who was Mariana Pineda?

B) A liberal fighter against absolutism

When did the War of Independence finish?

A) 1814

Why could Isabel II not govern in the first place?

B) Salic law

Who governed while Isabel II was a minor?

C) Both

Characteristics of moderates


The expropriations of Mendizabal

C) Broke large states belonging to the church and sold them to the wealthy bourgeoisie

In 1874 there was a coup d'état and Spain had again a king of the Bourbon dynasty, that was...

C) Alfonso XII

After the Convention of Vergara...

A and C are correct

Provisional government (1868-1870)

B) Amadeo of Savoy

Hidalgo, Bolivar, and San Martin led....

B) The independence of the Latin American colonies

After the Spanish War of Independence, who became king of Spain

B) Fernando VII

During Fernando VII's reign

A) Lasted 3 years (1820-1823)

What and where did Napoleon...

B) Abdicate, in Bayonne

How did the Spanish people...

A) With an uprising: there were popular rebellions

Which law did Fernando VII create for Isabel II to govern

A) Pragmatic Sanction

What were the Carlist Wars?

D) B and C are correct

Characteristics of progressives


In the last year of Isabel II's reign

A) There were political and economic problems...

One of the worst years in the history of Spain was?

C) 1898

Isabel II accepted marrying her cousin, Carlos Louis Bo...


Amadeo received the support of the Spanish people


Which colonies did Spain lose in 1898?

C) Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Philippines

Main characteristics of Romanticism

E) All of them

We can divide the reign of Fernando VII into 3 stages

C) Absolutism, Liberalism, Omnious decade

What ominous mean?

B) Horrible

Who helped Fernando VII restore absolutism in Spain?

C) The Holy Alliance

The biggest success of the Cortes de Cadiz

B) The Constitution of 1812

Who started the Trienio Liberal

C) Coronel Riego

Isabel II governed with a

A) Constitutional monarchy

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