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1. What is your friend like? How did you meet? Why did you Become friends? What do you have in commom? What do you do together?

My best friend is a tall and brunette, is very cheerful, we Met in the second grade. She was a first grade student, but she jumped a grade In the semester and entered my second grade class as the youngest student. She Was very intelligent, she was not afraid to answer questions that the teacher Told her. He got perfect test scores and got extra credit on homework. I made Friends with her because we had many things in common such as we like horror Movies and eat healthy foods like fruits, cereals and much more. Now she lives Far away, she goes on studying another career different from mine but we keep In touch on Facebook, we chat whenever we can, when she comes we always go to The park to eat an ice cream together and tell us everything that flushed us.

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