Juliet - Sympathise and Criticise

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Juliet - Sympathise and Criticise


  • "God knows when we can meet again" - Felt desperate
  • "Marry is the very theme I came to talk of" - Being forced to get married
  • "Hath Romeo slain himself?" - Thought Romeo killed himself
  • "My grave is like my wedding bed" - If he's married, she will die
  • Praise: "It is an honour that I dream not of" - Being kind about not wanting to get married
  • "I'll look like, if looking liking more" - Not doing more than her parents want her to do
  • "Lord" - Being kind to Romeo
  • "All my fortunes at thy foot I'll lav" - Giving her fortunes to him


  • "O Romeo, Romeo" - Being dramatic over him
  • "Denv thy father and refuse thy name" - Telling Romeo to give up his own name
  • "O servant heart" - Criticising Romeo
  • "O what a beast was I to chide at him" - Scolding herself

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