Johnny Depp: The Coolest Pirate in Hollywood

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Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow, is back in his fifth movie. He was born on board a pirate ship during a typhoon. Johnny wanted Jack Sparrow to be very weird, in a funny way. Jack always looks drunk, but he is like a real hero and the world's coolest pirate. He has a lot of tattoos, for example, a sparrow on his right forearm. He has a perfect pirate accent and decided to imitate Keith Richards' (of the Rolling Stones) London accent. Johnny read a lot about pirates to prepare for the movie and discovered that they were rock stars of their time, so he decided to copy the look of his favorite rockstar, Keith Richards. In the pirate style, he is the one who chose to put all the little objects in Jack's dreadlocks. He also wanted to have gold teeth.

The Golden Gate: San Francisco's Famous Orange Bridge

San Francisco's famous orange bridge is 80 years old this year. When it was opened, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It measures 1280 meters and the bridge deck is 30 meters wide, divided into six lanes. It is an essential bridge because the city needed to find new ways of transporting merchandise and food to the inhabitants. It has an original color, and at first, people were not convinced, but the orange color chosen is the result of a chemical mixture. It has a super-strong steel structure, with more than 75,000 tons of steel used.

Alexis's Cycling Adventure from Paris to London

Alexis cycled from Paris to London with his cycling club. They took 7 days to complete the 400km journey. It took 4 days to cycle from Paris to Dieppe. On the 5th day, they cycled 20 km from Newhaven to Brighton. On Day 6, they cycled 84 km from Brighton to Redhill, spending 11 hours on the road. On Day 7, he had his first puncture and had to fix it. They had 50 km to go, and when they completed the 50 km, they arrived at Big Ben and then visited the most popular places.

To have pins and needles, I was sitting on my foot. Now I have pins and needles.

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