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delivers-aredelivered/delivered-were delivered/has delivered-have been delivered/had delivered-had been deliverd/is delivering-are being delivered/was delivering-are being delivered/will delivred-will be delivered/to deliver-to be delivered/must be + vb en 3º columna/.Ora0 Presente+presente-VerdadesUniversales/Ora1 Presente+Futuro (will)/Ora2 Pasado+would-sueños/Ora3 PastPerfect (had)+ would have+ 3º columna- irreparables // abnormal adapt anti-globalization anti-social anti-technology antibiotic antibiotic attractive bacon-shaped battery-operated biotechnology bioterrorism ceramic child-friendly chocolate-shaped  clon clone  delicious design develop discover disposable dustproof  eco-friendly economical eye-catching funky giant-sized glass handy-sized heart-shaped high quality huge inflatable inspiration interactive intergalactic  life-sized long-lasting microorganism microwave misunderstand modified  multipurpose multifunción multistorey  multicoloured multiethnic overcook overeat overestimate overproduce overspend pocket-sized  pro-democracy pro-GM pro-technology probiotic recycled  redesign research resend reshape resistant rethink revolution revolutionize shockproof silly solar-powered  straw  stylish tiny tough unattractive undercook  underestimate unmodified useful useless waterproof wooden.

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